About Delta Adhesive
Backed by 40 years of experience and activity in the field of adhesive manufacturing and production Mumtaz Bel Gostar Chemical Industries Company (Delta Adhesive) has been established and launched in 2010, after 40 years of brilliant experience in adhesive production and management experience of Mr.Mostafa Nowruzzadeh and with the hard work and efforts of his colleagues.
Delta Adhesive has planned in the field of adhesive production with the slogan “Old experience, new thinking”, according to the needs of today’s society and responding to the expectations of consumers, and has made significant progress in this way. This company is a producer of all kinds of industrial, general, and construction adhesives for different uses, which in terms of quality are in accordance with global standards and can compete with similar foreign products. During its activity, Delta adhesive manufactures and supplies products that meet the needs of customers for various uses, emphasizing on the development and improvement of the quality level of the products and relying on the quality control unit and well-equipped laboratory while using efficient human resources. The managers and production engineers of Delta adhesive since the very beginning years of the activity have set the principle for the continual improvement of quality of products and protecting the interests of customers, and that’s why the new products of Delta adhesive have been highly welcomed by the most sellers and consumers.