Stone Adhesive (Fast Dry)


  • Two-part adhesive manufactured based on unsaturated polyester
  • Appropriately dried in different seasons
  • Extremely high ultimate strength
  • Resistant to temperature change and lapse of time after drying
  • Ability to use lathing machine and abrasive on it
  • Resistant to weak soluble such as oil and gasoil
  • Dyable using mineral pigments

Use: gluing all stone, ceramic, tile, mosaic parts, different types of cement, concrete pipes, and so on.


  • 300 gr 36 in one box
  • 1 kg 12 in one box
  • 7 kg 1


First of all, add the hardener to the adhesive with a 1 to 99 portion, then duly and uniquely mix them for 30 seconds, and then apply it on the intended surface. The rougher the surface, the greater is its adhesion. Storage conditions:

  • Keep it in the temperature between 5 °C to 25 °C.
  • Best before 6 months from manufacturing.

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